Gibbs, Philip / Paul Dunmall - Master Musicians of Mu (Mega Blowout Sale)

Paul Dunmall, border pipes (track 1, 5), sop saxe (2, 8, 9), tenor comemeuse (3) double bamboo pipe (4), tenor sax (6), soprano comemeuse (7)
Philip Gibbs acoustic & electric guitars

The instrumentation sometimes suggests a folk approach, without being "folky" per se.

"This features the guitar in the most unlikely pairs with cornemeuse, tenor and soprano saxophone, and border pipes. Unlike Paul Dunmalls previous duo with Paul Rogers, Folks is completely open though each improvisation is well-defined: Call to Prayer (double reed pipe) is distinctly Middle Eastern, while Frenzy at the Delicatessen (soprano cornemeuse) is postmodern klezmer. Dunmall is drawn to repetitive phrases circling out, stretched wide, then reined in. On Beyond the Black Stump, with Gibbs comping on the front, back and sides of his acoustic guitar, Dunmalls rich, blues-inspired motifs are particularly inviting. Philip Gibbs is often set back behind Dunmalls wanderings. On the saxophone pieces which, according to Bruce Coatess notes, are more directly dialogical the roles are clear: guitar accompanies horn. On tenor, Dunmalls pointed sound and rapid-fire lines build up around an electric guitar that moves from Bill Frisells work on The Big Gundown to wildly eccentric rockabilly. But then the duo allows a spare, simple beauty to emerge; theyre unafraid of momentary pleasures, a beautiful tone, perhaps or a lyrical line. Gibbs is a hardy companion; part-time percussionist, melodist, and rhythm-maker, without much prompting hes driving the pieces along, incessantly feeding Dunmall volleys or whispers, fuzz or cleanly plucked strings, whatever the moment needs."-Greg Buium/Cadence
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