Gilonis, Bill / Chantale Laplante - Zürich-Bamberg (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“The first from Bill for a long time, this is an abstract aural collage recorded between 2003 and 2006, over long distances by mail, that operates somewhere between soundscape and radio art, assembling environmental recordings, bits of broadcasts and other modified found sound into a very personal sound diary or imaginary journey.”-Chris Cutler

"Bill Gilonis (of the great post Henry Cow band, The Work) and Chantale Laplante worked on Zürich-Bamberg intermittently for three years. The CD comprises a series of pieces that fall loosely into a category that could be called 'electro-acoustic Hörspiel.' However, with Bill in Zürich and Chantale based firstly in Bamberg, Germany and later in Montreal, Canada, it was difficult to find a way of collaborating by conventional means. But, by ping-ponging audio file CDs between these cities, they managed to develop a practical, and in some ways advantageous, composition and recording strategy. For this project, conventional instrumentation has been virtually abandoned. What we hear on these recordings -- collaged and sometimes manipulated via processing technology -- is street noise, household clatter, fragments of radio, close-miked objects, etc. By and large, the pieces are constructed from precisely the sounds that our ears are constantly and automatically filtering out; but by orchestrating these sounds into pieces to be listened to -- as opposed to heard -- listeners are introduced to a radically personal world."
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