Golowin, Sergius - Lord Krishna Von Goloka (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Gorgeous officially licensed US edition of this amazing mystical cosmic mind journey. Sergius Golowin is a Swiss author. In 1973 he got sucked into R.U. Kaiser's Cosmic Courier vortex and recorded this masterwerke. Over three long tracks Golowin provides spoken voice. The bed of music is provided by the Cosmic Jokers - Jerry Berkers, Klaus Schulze, Jurgen Dollase, Witthuser and Westrup, and Jorg Mierke. A melange of Mellotron, flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, and a variety of percussion. Essential listening."-Ken Golden
This version also includes the story of the making of the album, as well as rare photos and the background story.

"In 1973, Rolf Ulrich Kaiser's visionary powers acted as a catalyst for an authentic combination of acid, music and spirituality: the mystical LSD-fueled musical project Lord Krishna Von Goloka. For this adventure into Indian and Oriental mythologies and legends, Kaiser asked esoteric Swiss artist (he was a friend of Giger's), poet, specialist on Alpine folklore, and friend of Timothy Leary, Sergius Golowin, to join a group of musicians including Klaus Schulze and members of Wallenstein and Witthüser + Westrupp. It was perhaps mere coincidence that Golowin's classic treatise on witches, herbs, and magic mushrooms was published that same year (Magie Der Verbotenen Märchen); the book was fast becoming a cult item -- iit was secretly xeroxed in what was then-Communist East Germany, and later distributed in the hippie-underground there. Sergius Golowin's intellectual and spiritual world of occultism, popular legends, and shamanism were the foundation for the project. He was responsible for the lyrics, which consisted of incantatory recitations in German over the multi-textural compositions. Our Lion Productions edition comes with a 24-page booklet which includes a Sergius Golowin biography, plus translated excerpts from interviews and texts, a list of Golowin's writings, translations of the original LP notes, text, and lyrics, as well as a Kosmischen Kuriere label discography. And on a personal note, we have long thought the song 'Die Weiße Alm' to be perhaps the perfect cosmic folk track: blissed out and uplifting, without being cloying."
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