Gordon, Rosco - A Proper Introduction (special)

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Released on Proper, a great UK label who do an amazing job in terms of packaging, presentation and especially in terms of sonics. This is fun, jumping proto-rock 'n' roll/rhythm & blues, basic repertoire material. A great place to hear some of his best stuff and at a amazing price.

"Roscoe Gordon was best known for being one of the progenitors of a slightly shambolic, loping style of piano shuffle called Roscoe's Rhythm'. This Proper Introduction takes a look at how his style developed and includes the tracks recorded with the Beale Street Singers (a group that feature BB King & Bobby Bland) as well as his hits for the Sun label from 1952-3. 2004."

"Approximately 67 minutes,digitally remastered. These tracks span the short time period between 1951 and 1953.Gordon started out recording for Sam Phillips' Sun Records label in Memphis in 1951.The sides he laid down there were rough,crude-sounding blues/r&b. Curiously,Gordon had an influence in Jamaica with his hit No More Doggin'. This tune was picked up during the ska era,and his style of piano playing was very influential in both ska and "blue beat" circles. Aside from that,the players on this disc are very interesting. We have,among others,Bobby "Blue" Bland( Gordon's chauffeur) handling vocals on a couple of tracks,Pat Hare on guitar,and throughout Willie Wilkes on tenor sax. The majority of these tracks are in the jump-blues vein,and are very visceral and alive sounding. The various groups assembled here are small,r&b/blues groups,with a sax always out in front,with Gordon's voice and piano. There are two tracks with the title Booted. One version is a Chess Records release and the other is a RPM release,with Ike Turner being sent to record this version. This was,as usual,a legal wrangling as to who could release what,under what name. It's nice that Proper has included both of these tracks. In the end it doesn't really matter who released what-just be glad we have this music today. For this is a prime example of gut-bucket,car-radio,exciting sounding music,the kind that's been missing for quite sometime. In 1955,Gordon signed with Sam Phillips label again and continued to record his style of music-including his "Roscoe Rhythm" sound on the piano. Gordon eventually got out of the record business to concentrate on raising his family and tending to the business matters of his dry-cleaning business. However,what he recorded in a relatively short span of time was and is great music,pick it up while you can. For about ten dollars you will have some great music-music worth much more!"-Stuart Jefferson
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