Gowy - Music Without Money

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“We got turned on to French guitarist Grégory François and his band Gowy via our Mörglbl friends.
Cut from similar cloth but with their own identifiable sound, Gowy unleashes a torrent of Zappa influenced heavy jazz rock/fusion.
The band is a quintet so you get plenty of keyboards and a second percussionist playing marimba and hitting all kinds of stuff. François' insane guitar leads sound like he's channeling Frank so much it will leave you slack jawed. Occasionally the band goes in a different direction and gives us some acoustic music for a nice change of pace.
Intricate instrumental music that really ignites from the get go. These guys should get an invite to a US festival - they are that good. Highly recommended.”-Ken Golden
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This album is better than the first because the compositions are more intricate and varied. The Zappa comparisons are a bit unfair and unnecessary. Yeah, Gregory has a similar tone but that's it. No insipid vocals or witty reportage to impart either, which makes it attractive.
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