Insomnia - Brainshock CD

SKU 33-INS 001
Gianni Bertolone - vocals
Pierenzo Alessandria - electric guitars
Vito Aprile - bass & Taurus
Federico Silva - drums & percussions
Jack Bram - keyboards & synthesizers

“INSOMNIA was born in Turin in 2012 from the meeting of a group of musicians, some of whom return to the scene after more than 25 years.
All lovers of symphonic prog, these musicians begin to work on the project of an old-style concept album, using the classic sounds of the 70-80s (Hammond, Mellotron, clavinet, Rhodes, Moog) in the service of new ideas.
In the eight tracks on the CD, the sounds and arrangements wink at legendary progressive bands, but without giving up attention to the melodic sense of the compositions.”
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