Greaves, John - Piacenza CD

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John Greaves solo reminds me a lot - in a way - of Peter Hammill solo. They both have a core repertoire that they nearly always perform, so you tend to get a certain number of songs you always get, as well as new or unusual selections; the setlist changes very gradually over the decades.

Having said that, they are both wonderful solo performers with a unique body of works to draw from.

This isn't necessarily something you have to own if you already own a couple of his earlier solo albums, but if you don't own those, you absolutely want and need this!
1. The Price We Pay (Greaves)
2. Summer On Ice (Greaves)
3. Earthly Powers (Greaves)
4. The Thunderthief (Greaves/Blegvad)
5. The Green Fuse (Greaves/Thomas)
6. La Lune Blanche (Greaves/Verlaine)
7. Chanson d’Automne (Greaves/Verlaine)
8. Walking On Eggshells (Greaves)
9. The Same Thing (Greaves)
10. Dead Poets (Greaves)
11. The Trouble With Happiness (Greaves)
12. Bad Alchemy (Greaves/Blegvad)
13. Kew.Rhône (Greaves/Blegvad)
14. How Beautiful You Are (Greaves/Blegvad)
15. The Song (Greaves/Blegvad)
Rehearsals Bonus Track:
16. Sea Song (Wyatt)
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