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This is the three legendary albums by this very, very experimental, very very early avant group (1967-68) exploring sound collage, mixed media and much more. NOT on the NWW list, probably only because they were too obscure for them to even know about them!

"This three-disc box collects Number One Intersystems (1967), presenting the correct side sequence and (for the first time) the original tracks' sub-section divisions; Peachy (1967), with (for the first time) the correct track separations, timings, and titles; and Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (1968), with (for the first time) the original (double) track titles. All works remastered by Intersystems founding member John Mills-Cockell for this edition. The three-CD box includes full-color digipak sleeves and a 56-page booklet with two texts by Intersystems founding members Michael Hayden and John Mills-Cockell situating Intersystems in the contexts of contemporary art and music, a text by Nick Storring about the original three records and Intersystems founding member Blake Parker, the complete chronology of Intersystems Presentations, and 23 full-page images illustrating the dense evolution of this short-lived and essential mixed-media collective."
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Really interesting band with spoken word cut-ups and performance pieces,all over and interlaced into wild soundscapes using early electronics and hand-made instruments. After buying this and ,finally, getting some history here ,it seems that this was a performance band for art happenings throughout Canada and the USA. Too bad there wasn't video of these performance spaces - because it seems they included light-art installments and freak-out tactics with whole buildings of rooms made to warp your mind-experiences/senses(like LSD without taking it!). But here you get all three of their releases in great sound and an informative booklet also. This might be sort-of like William Burroughs performing with free-form musicians playing(if you need an easy reference,that is....). The cut-up vocal performances are quite spooky at times and have real "edge",....while the sounds are quite like early electronics experiments,so if you like old "Limelight" albums ,this should be you cup of tea(or....errr....maybe LSD). Great to see this documented so well....all other older releases were faulty in some way.
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