Hansson, Bo - Mellnväsen / Attic Thoughts

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Bo Hansson is best known for his absolutely wonderful 1970 album, Lord Of The Rings. But his career extended before that album (as a member of the legendary rock duo Hansson & Karlsson) and after as well (with three additional much lesser known, but still very excellent albums) This is his third album, released outside of Scandinavia as Attic Thoughts, which has been newly remastered and overseen by Mark Powell, and issued with a 6' bonus track that has never been heard before. This features much more of a full band sound, and is a excellent 1975 instrumental progressive rock effort! Features Rune Carlsson-drums, Kenny Hakansson & Rolf Scherrer-guitar, Gunnar Bergsten-saxes, Joran Lagerberg & Thomas Netzler-bass and Mats Glennard-violin.
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