Hardal - Nasil? Ne Zaman?

"This is the first album by the Turkish band Hardal ("Mustard") which was recorded in Turkey in 1979 by Sukru Yuksel (guitar), Aydin Sencan (bass), Cahit Kukul (guitar) and Sedat Avdikoglou (drums). The band was only known by a very small insider-group, but those fans just adored Hardal. The secret of Hardal's small popularity is that in 1979, the Turkish rock scene was comatose. Cem Karaca left for Germany, Erkin Koray moved to Canada, and Edip Akbayram got stuck because of his political ambitions. Only Baris Manco was still on the road. To start a new band was tough to do in Turkey. Hardal also recorded two later albums. The music is the best Turkish progressive underground you can think of, filled with guitars, synth sounds, great Eastern-vibe vocals and harmonies, and pumping rhythms, as good as the best Koray tracks, for sure. This album was never reissued before, and Shadoks is proud to present it to most people for the first time."
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