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Quite fantastic release by guitarist/composer Joel Harrison. It has a great band and interesting instrumentation: Joel Harrison - guitar / Donny McCaslin - tenor saxophone / Gary Versace - piano, Hammond B-3 / Christian Howes - violin / Dana Leong - cello / Stephan Crump - acoustic bass / Clarence Penn - drums. Basically, this is 'third stream music', although not in the 60s version which never seemed to swing. Nowadays, musicians easily move between genres and the idea of a mash-up between classical and jazz musicians and compositional styles isn't comes much easier to the players than it used to. There's a bunch of moody compositions from Joel, as well as interpretations of Messiaen and the Allman Brothers and it all works. Highly recommended!

"This project began with my desire to bring influences from classical music into my jazz writing in a more overt way. I wanted to challenge myself compositionally and try to use extended forms and some new techniques (for me) without sacrificing spontaneity, a tricky balance."-Joel Harrison
  • LabelSunnyside
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