Lady With / Camille Petit - The Lodge

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This is the second "Lady With" release by the keyboardist of Ghost Rhythms. It is a larger ensemble than Ghost Rhythms and maybe a bit more 'modern classical' than Ghost Rhythms, but if you like Ghost Rhythms, you will like this much muchly! Highly recommended.

"This album is about infinity and finiteness. The CD comes with beautiful drawings and text by Guillaume Aventurin and Xavier Gélard."
Sarah Baroux : voices
Maxime Berton : soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Grégoire Bette : bass
Julien Bigorgne : flute
Hélène Billard : cello
Béla Bluche : double bass & bass
Christophe Gaston : shakuhachi
Xavier Gélard : drums ; guitar
Marion Lévêque : harp
Philippe Lopes De Sa : tenor saxophone
Nadia Mejri : cello
Camille Petit : keyboards
Sabine Raynaud : flutes
David Rousselet : tenor saxophone
Maxime Thiébaut : soprano, alto & baryton saxophones
André Vigier Latour : drums
Antoine Villedieu : violin
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