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This is the 1st release by Ghost Rhythms, coming out in 2007, five years before Sept Cercles, what I had originally thought was their (awesome) debut.
I know the band has mixed feelings about this one and it's definitely not as assured as what came after, but this is still a very, very good electric jazz/avant progressive debut. If you have and love their others, you'll love this too.
On this release they are an octet and as the band said to me in their very first email, "Our music is a blend of Steve Coleman's approach, Bernard Hermann's tone, Magma's progressive touch."
I might have also added that I hear elements of Steve Reich/minimalism and John Hollenbeck (which also covers the Reich/minimalism part) as well.
Camille Petit / keyboards
Xavier Gelard / drums
Gregory Kosovski / bass
Guillaume Aventurin / guitar
Julien Bigorgne / flute
David Rousselet / sax tenor
Emmanuel Sicherman / sax alto
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