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This band are from Cookeville, TN, home of The Hosemobile! They are a trio of
Mike Littrell-guitar
Cale Koester-bass
Brad Schroeder-drums
and they even sort of operate somewhere in the same basic sphere of instrumental math rock / post rock, although now is now and then was then. Y'know?
But they are a great little outfit as listening to either of the two clips below will show you and can safely recommended to fans of 'modern, non-retro' progressive rock, ala Us, Today or Crown Larks or Messthetics, etc etc etc.
Give a listen to the two tracks below and you'll see that great things can come from small towns and you'll also see why this is highly recommended!

"Glomus is a three piece instrumental rock band from Cookeville, TN drawing on the angular momentum of math rock, the layered texture of post rock, and the experimentation of prog. Or it's just three pals happy to have found a group where their idiosyncrasies of style and approach line up nicely."

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