Hendrix, Jimi - Machine Gun: The Fillmore East 12/31/69 (first show)

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"As the '60s came to a close, Jimi Hendrix pushed the boundaries of funk, rock and R&B with a brand new group, Band of Gypsys. Together with bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles, Hendrix unveiled stunning, newly written material across four shows at the legendary Fillmore East in New York City. Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 marks the first time Band of Gypsys' first show has ever been released in its entirety, newly mixed by Eddie Kramer from the original 1" eight-track masters."

"This CD sounds amazing. Do yourself a favor and use good headphones for the first listen. 'Machine Gun' is already one of my favorite Hendrix live albums...and I have them all. I'm hoping that Janie Hendrix had Eddie Kramer locked away in the studio and had him treat all 4 Filmore sets in the same way. Perhaps we can count on the other 3 to be released in the coming years?
Unlike the other Fillmore releases, this is a complete set, in proper order, and therefore eclipses both the original 'Band of Gypsy's' and the newer 'Live at the Fillmore East' 2CD compilation. I know BOG is very special and has some amazing versions on it, especially 'Machine Gun' for that solo, but so does this set. There are some spontaneous, locked-in, magical moments between these 3 guys during this show.
Something about this Band of Gypsys that keeps me coming back for more. They were truly a special band and it is a shame they were not destined to stay together longer. No 'Foxey Lady' or 'Purple Haze' or any of the early stuff. In fact nobody had heard these songs before...The crowds must have wondered what the hell was happening. This was Hendrix with a new band, jamming out the funk, blues, soul...Everything he had building inside. This is essential Hendrix right here, at the peak of his playing and creativity, and perfectly recorded. This is a long, long, overdue classic."
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