Harmonia & Eno - Tracks and Traces CD (expanded)

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I am a firm believer that the two Harmonia albums that were released in the 70s are among the very, very best records released from Germany in the 1970s and maybe anywhere in the 70s. So, this set of previously unreleased recordings which first came to light about a decade ago were pretty well scrutinized by me and I found them to be...quite good! If you are a fan of them or of Eno, you'll like them a lot. Newly available with bonus material.

"Recorded in 1976 — after Brian Eno had proclaimed them one of the best groups around — but for whatever reason not released until 20 years later, Tracks & Traces is a fascinating release not merely for Eno's participation but for the hints of music that would become mainstream in the future. Having already created two excellent albums, the core Harmonia trio was easily placed to whip up a third, with Eno the wild-card factor who turned out to be a perfect addition. While contributing some lyrics and singing at a time when he was steering away firmly from both in his own solo work, most of the time Eno lets the band speak for themselves musically, most notably adding snaky, quietly threatening bass lines. Compositions range from the lengthy to just fragments, and while it feels at points more like a collection of sessions than necessarily a complete stand-alone album conceived as such, the end results are still well-worth hearing. The contemplative "By the Riverside," which could easily have turned up on Eno's Before and After Science (where his related collaboration with Cluster, "By This River," appeared) is a slow treasure, a core keyboard loop providing the slow-paced rhythm. If there's less of the glittering glaze of the earlier Harmonia albums, the explorations in ambient sound and mysterious and murky textures make for a more-than-fair exchange."-Ned Raggett/All Music Guide
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