Harmonia - Live 1974

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This is simply an unbelievable find and has to qualify for archival release of the year!
After two albums, guitarist Michael Rother left Neu! & joined forces with the electronic duo Cluster (Hans Joachim Roedelius & Didier Moebius) in the mid 1970s. They made two brilliant albums that combined Rother's melodic sense with the early, home-made electronic king-klang of Cluster, were generally ignored at the time. Eventually the musicians kinda gave up on the whole starvation thing and moved onto other things.
This has five never-heard tracks, which I assume are improvisations and the sound is closer to early Cluster here than the Harmonia albums were, but it is obviously them. The sound quality is shockingly good for what this is and for the fact that it has lain unreleased for almost 35 years!
Extremely high quality instrumental melodic-yet-proto-industrial texture music for guitar, organ, synthesizer, piano & electronic percussion. An astonishing piece of musical history unearthed; you NEED this!
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