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Unavailable for a decade, one of the great, hard to find classics of British jazz-rock (and of jazz-rock in general) makes a very welcome return on this new, remastered edition. For my money, this is the final, truely great Soft Machine album; there was still a very good one in their future (Softs), but this is the last stunner. Recorded in 1974, this is also the album that brought Allan Holdsworth to the attention of the general public; his solo on Hazard Profile remains a landmark of frighteningly fast, inventive fluidity and inventive ideas on the electric guitar. And the rest of the album is also great, as is the band throughout! Features a history of the group during this generally ignored period and greatly improved sound. Highly recommended.
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a true masterpiece! with allan holdsworth for a stunning sci-fi solo on the first track!
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