Van der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts CD (expanded / remastered)

The amazing, incredible fourth and final mk1 VDGG album from 1971. The question here is who is screaming harder?
Banton's Hammond? Hammill's vocals? Jaxon's electronically modified saxes? Guy's off kilter but solid drums?
This was their last until they came back with the very excellent Godbluff. Essential progressive rock stuff and sure to clear the room of all sissies!
For this reissue, noted reissue supervisor Mark Powell has enlisted Peter Hammill's help and they have dug deep into the vaults to come up with five bonus tracks (the Theme 1/W single, as well as 3 tracks from the never-released, legendary '2nd disc' of Pawn Hearts. Fantastic packaging and archival photos, etc. You need this one.
  • LabelCharisma
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