Egg - The Polite Force CD

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The incredible 2nd album by this great early English organ/bass/drums trio they specialized in hypercomplex multi-time signature music.. This was their 2nd album and is from 1970. They specialized in hypercomplex multi-time signature music. This was keyboardist Dave Stewart's first professional band, & along with Mont Campbell-bass & vocals & Clive Brooks-drums, they were a wonder! While you can hear all the influences they took in (Soft Machine, The Nice, classical music) the 'whole' was entirely their own and great. And you will give yourself a headache trying to count this stuff! The REAL math-rock - unique & highly recommended if you like this kind of thing (I do)! Remastered and researched by Mark Powell from the original master tapes as well as a great booklet designed by the wonderful Phil Smee. One of my all time favorite albums for the last 30 years and it still is...!
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