Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation CD (expanded / remastered) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Marty Balin, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen (vocals, guitar); Grace Slick (vocals); Jack Casady (bass) Spencer Dryden (drums). Additional personnel: Gary Blackman, Charles Cockey (vocals, guitar); David Crosby (guitar); Tim Davis (congas); Bill Goodwin (talking drums); Dan Woody (bongos). Originally released on RCA Victor (4058). Includes liner notes by Jeff Tamarkin and Bill Thompson. Crown of Creation is a rich and varied collection showing off the different talents of the main songwriters. Among the many memorable moments are Grace Slick's beautiful vocal on "Lather," the band's sensitive cover version of David Crosby's "Triad," and Jorma Kaukonen's stunning wah-wah solo on "If You Feel." Add to this the intense lyrics (such as the drug-themed "Greasy Heart"), Marty Balin and Paul Kantner's consistently strong vocals throughout, and Jack Casady's remarkable dexterity on bass. This is most certainly the Airplane's Revolver. Originally released in 1968, this RCA/BMG Heritage remastered reissue adds 4 bonus tracks 'Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum', 'Would You like A Snack' (note: actually a Grace solo thingy, recorded with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention!), 'Share A Little Joke' (single version-mono) & 'The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig' (previously unreleased). Includes 12-page booklet with extensive liner notes, detailed track listing & rare photos."
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To me just a slight notch below "After Bathing....",but maybe the closest they made it to taming their real psychedelic music into a form playable on radio? I still recall hearing "Crown of Creation" on the radio when I was a child and thinking,"What the hell was that?!" (in an excited ,child's mind way....I must add!). Not a bad thing,really. I still listen and wonder how such a weird thing made it to 1960's "play lists". Nothing else came to such a weird conclusion and just "stopped" dead at the end like DEMANDED attention,and made you want to hear it again,....immediately. That's the way I thought of it....concise,dense freakiness. Here the added bonus tracks add to that "freak" factor. Zappa's fingerprints are added onto an already wild set of confrontationally(hell,"Greasy Heart" is a female mastrubation song fer' Gawd's sake...sung by a the 1960's!) strange for their day songs. It's all the better for it. What are you waiting for? Buy this thing. The "straights" must have been thinking,"How'd these freaks get a deal on RCA?". FOR YOUR INFORMATION; Grace Slick dressed straight and tried to spike the president(on a White House tour) with LSD......YIKES! Ha! Could Nixon have handled that? Too bad we don't know,huh!!
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