Hurt, Mississippi John - Avalon Blues: Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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One of the greatest and most distinctive rural acoustic bluesmen of all time. Beautiful, unique finger-style guitar work and a soft, attractive voice (but some of the lyrical content is not at all soft) combine to perfect effect. Until his 'rediscovery' about 5 years before his death, these were his complete oeuvre and they are and essential American music body of work. Highly recommended.

"Mississippi John Hurt recorded 13 country-blues songs for the Okeh Electric Records company in 1928. Then he vanished. Actually, he never went anywhere. Indeed, he never strayed from his hometown of Avalon, Mississippi. He simply put the guitar down. It was the Great Depression, times were tough, money was scarce, and he needed to work. Nearly 30 years later, a blues enthusiast tracked him down, took him back to Washington, D.C., and suddenly Mississippi John's musical career resumed as quickly as it had finished. He recorded again, but these first songs from the late 1920s--with John's melancholy voice and hypnotic guitar playing at its most inspired--are his greatest musical accomplishments."-Percy Keegan
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