Wessel, David / Chris Muir / Henry Kaiser - At CNMAT CD

"This recording documents the last time David, Chris, and Henry played together. David, Chris and Henry are all avid improvisors. At CNMAT is improvised throughout, pulling on traditions from around the world, from the research lab to the jazz club.

Improvisation is somewhat unusual in the field of “serious” electronic music. David Wessel, at the time of his death, had been director of CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, at U.C. Berkeley) for over 25 years. He was particularly interested in live-performance computer music where improvisation plays an essential role. David was a wildly enthusiastic collaborator, playing with joy and intelligence.

Henry and Chris have worked together many times over the decades, in projects like Yo Miles, and Zen Disaster.

David Wessel died on October 13, 2014, after an exceptionally well lived life.."

David WESSEL played a custom instrument consisting of SLABS (a highly responsive touch surface developed at CNMAT) driving custom software for sound generation, written in Max/MSP.

Chris MUIR played Buchla 200e, driven by Gyre, a custom interactive sequencer, written in Max/MSP.

Henry KAISER played acoustic & electric guitars.
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