Ewen, Sandy / Henry Kaiser - Lake Monsters CD

"This alien, completely original music was recorded in a 6 hour marathon session in Houston, Tx that produced two other Kaiser titles. This one consists of very electric duets with Ewen playing electric and Kaiser playing both electric and and acoustic. Duets with aggressive sonic density.

As a double bassist I have long argued that playing music is a profoundly physical act. In this music I hear not only the physical body but the physical world. It is a crucial distinction that the Canadian born - Houston based Ewen plays her guitar flat on her lap rather than flat on the table - her legs are involved, moves and knocks the instrument around with both refined small gestures and full scale violence. Perhaps it creates a more dynamic and human sound than the table guitar forefathers like Keith Rowe and Fred Frith. Each of her objects are completely explored. Kaiser on the other hand allows for chance within his pedalboard, but so much of his tone comes from the precise martial arts power in his hands (see track 4, Storrsjöodjueret). He while he plays in the normal standing or seated manner, the sounds produced are anything but normal. The interaction of their highly personal sounds creates new patterns and crossings that do not exist within their own individual worlds.

Ewen is an architect, Kaiser is a research diver in Antarctica. Kaiser once told me he wonders why more improvisers aren't interested in science fiction, since a good sci-fi author often sets up a new world with parameters in a kind of literary and thought experiment. Usually asking: WHAT IF? Kaiser seems to set up a new musical experiment every time he plays, rather than going for practiced music he sets up musical speculation to find the novel, alien, and strange. These facts may or may not have anything to do with the sound produced, though I have rarely heard a unique soundworld so fully realized on it's own unique terms."-Damon Smith 2015
  • LabelBalance Point Acoustics
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