Kaiser, Henry - Where Endless Meets Disappearing: Solo Guitar 2009

This has Henry on a number of guitars, most of them electric and showcasing his considerable skills and his unique voice on solo guitar. A number of the tracks I found extra-attractive, being variants of the echo-y/watery/spacy music that he used on the DVD extra on Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World. All the rest is quite nice too - being a good sampler of what Henry's solo improvised (or solo improvised with overdubbed second guitar) playing is like these days and all of it is terrifically played. Highly recommended!

"I quickly recorded this as a kind of concept album, in two hours, during the early May of 2009. I thought I would make a prettier album than some of my previous solo albums and returned to the old Lexicon Super Prime TIme Delay that I has used to record IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, back in the early 80'sd, rescuing it from the dust and spiders under my mixing board, where it had rested for 16 years. Combing it with a strat, newly outfitted with a True Temperament Thidell formula 1 neck from Sweden, I was able to work in areas quite near pure just intonation for some of the tracks. My technique of modulation longer delay times with a square wave produces just intervals to match those from the True Temperament neck. Right hand techniques from the Chinese gu-qin, and a nostalgia for some of Terry Riley's organ work, shimmered through guitar and my thoughts. To balance out the program their are also touches of inspiration from John Fahey, various rural guitarists from Madagascar, and Derek Bailey; as well as Vietnamese danh tranh music. Basically I just had as much guitar-trance-state fun as I could possibly have in the studio, with the intent of giving my friends something pleasing and maybe more-accessible-to-listen-to than is usual for me. Handing out quite a few CD-Rs to pals before the release produced the most positive listener response since YO MILES! or A WORLD OUT OF TIME. I am pleased, I hope you will be, too."-Henry Kaiser

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