Landry, Dickie - Fifteen Saxophones

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"First ever CD reissue of this little known classic from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member Richard 'Dickie' Landry. Following two jazz LPs issued on the Chatham Square label (which he co-ran), Dickie Landry released Fifteen Saxophones, a set of 1974 recordings done with engineer Kurt Munkacsi, on the Northern Lights and Wergo labels in 1978. Fifteen Saxophones simultaneously demonstrates Landry's boundary-pushing saxophone and his understanding of the minimalists' long-form treatises on sound. Using intricate Revox tape delays on 'Fifteen Saxophones', 'Alto Flute Quad Delay,' and the side-long live document 'Kitchen Solos', Landry's strong personality as a player shines through a brilliant wall of sound. It is unsurprising Landry was a fixture in the same New York scene that spawned artists like Richard Serra - something equally monumental exists in the pieces found on this album. This reissue includes new liner notes by Clifford Allen and period photos by Gianfranco Gorgoni."

"Despite his close working relationship with Glass, this album bears more of a relation to Terry Riley s early improvisational, jazzy aesthetic than Glass additive, endlessly repetitious style ... a great album of dreamy, droney minimalist music, which nowadays would probably pass for ambient or some such thing."-The Incessant Noise
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