King, Denny - Evil Wind is Blowing (special)

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So, I am in the middle of reading John French's book about the Magic Band ("Through the Eyes of Magic") and one of the things it is giving me an appreciation of is the guitarwork of the original two guitarists in the Magic Band, Doug Moon and especially Alex St. Claire Snouffer. Other than his appearances with the Magic Band, this album is the only other appearance of Alex and Doug.

"It was during this time that Alex was involved in the recording of the Evil Wind Is Blowing album (released in 1972) by another Lancaster musician working on the bar circuit - Denny King. Well worth checking out this is a great blues-based album with many Beefheart/Magic Band overtones. Doug Moon appears on harmonica. Alex, as ever plays fine slide guitar, plus some trumpet as well as getting a production and co-writing credit."-John French

"This superb blues-rock album was issued on Little Richard's Specialty label in the summer of 1972, and has barely been heard since. Featuring the distinctive singing and guitar of Wisconsin-native King, backed by early Captain Beefheart sidemen Alex St. Claire and Doug Moon, it's a lost genre classic with unusually fine musicianship and an odd vibe all of its own. Includes biographical liner notes."

"King's vocals are in a Beefheart-out-of-Howlin' Wolf mode ... The album features cool harmonica and really hot slide guitar (courtesy of ex-Beefheart sideman Alex St. Claire). The rhythm section is stellar too."-The Acid Archives
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