Kaiser, Henry - Everything Forever CD

Henry Kaiser is a great guitarist and a versatile guitarist. He can and does do a lot of things, including really crazy, out stuff. But he also has done some really lovely meditative/trance stuff, of which this is the latest. Nice as can be! Highly recommended!

"It had been bothering me for a while that my last electric solo guitar piece on CD, A LITTLE STROKE OF LIGHT, was only 70 minutes long; when a CD can hold 80 minutes. I remedy that here with a new solo CD, featuring an 80 minute guitar solo. One take, no overdubbing, live performance. What's going on musically and conceptually here for me is: Terry Riley + Evan Parker + Malagasy Tromba trance music + Xenakis type attitude towards stochastically sprayed-out clouds of notes (though quite consonant, in this case) + square wave modulation of delay times with a couple of 30 year old Lexicon digital delays + staying away from rock guitar language and gestures + Persian music structural concepts of "gushes" + some structural ideas from the music of Robbie Basho; that were also likely to have been inspired by Persian music.... When I recorded the 70 minute solo last year, it seemed like 10 minutes had passed, subjectively speaking. This 80 minute solo felt like a 3 hour solo, while I was playing. The two projects are quite different, and I am super happy with both of them. I guess you can listen to these as background music, or in the car on a long drive. But I think they do hold up to close attention also, if a listener can maintain that kinda attention for 80 minutes. I used my strat with a true temperament neck, which produces nearly just intonation; in combination with the just 5ths and 4ths from the square wave modulation of the delays' clock rates, I can almost reach some of the areas of just intonation electronic solo performance that I loved so much on Terry Riley's just-intoned organ works like SHRI CAMEL and PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES."- Henry Kaiser

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