Kaiser, Henry/Charles K. Noyes/Sang-Won Park - Invite the Spirit 1983 CD

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"Free improvisation meets the Korean shamanistic tradition in this historic and groundbreaking band that includes kayagum virtuoso Sang-Won Park, guitar legend Henry Kaiser and the enigmatic Charles K. Noyes on percussion. Digitally remastered for the first time direct from the original two track tapes, this is the complete 1983 double LP release by one of the most evocative and successful bands blending East and West. This historic and important classic recording is finally made available again and now sounds better than it ever has before."

Henry Kaiser: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Charles K. Noyes: Drums, Percussion, Saw
Sang-Won Park: Kayagum, Vocals, Tanso
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397762225
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