Melnyk, Lubomyr - KMH

If you like the sound of Charlemagne Palestine's piano works, Melnyk's album is not dissimilar, although perhaps a bit more 'romantic'. Really nice stuff. I had never even heard of him or this album until now.

"Lubomyr Melnyk's debut album from 1978, KMH, is an unheralded touchstone of minimalism. Performing solo on piano with a speed that suggests multiple pianos playing together in harmony, Melnyk nearly brings out the full sound of the instrument all at once. His music is lush and maximal yet it possesses the restrained, slowly evolving nature found in music by artists like Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Melnyk developed his unique approach to minimalism while working with dancer/choreographer Carolyn Carlson (who also worked with Igor Wakhevitch) in Paris during the 1970's. Carlson's influence led Melnyk to create music that is dramatic enough for the stage yet meditative enough for deep listening, a version of minimalism with the engimatic traces of Satie. Remastered from the privately produced master tapes with new artwork and an 8-page photo booklet."

“KMH is simply beautiful.” -Perfect Sound Forever
  • LabelUnseen Worlds
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