Bartsch, Nik/Ronin - Randori

Like most everyone outside of Switzerland, I first heard of Nik Bartsch via his great release "Stoa" by Ronin. This is a 2006 quaret release by them released on his own, tiny label. Not quite sure how to categorize this marvelous band, but I will try. This is ostensiby a jazz band (Nike Bartsch-piano and Fender Rhodes, Bjorn Meyer-bass, Kaspar Rast-drums and Andi Pupato-percussion), but this uses musical modules (Bartsch calls them moduls) to build a tapestry of interlocking instrumentation that is similar to aspects of Steve Reich's greatest works and is beautiful and calming as his are, but which doesn't sound anything like Steve. Unlike Steve Reich, Nik Bartch's music ROCKS. If you don't know him, start with Stoa, on ECM, but if you DO know him, you'll want these hard to find titles too.
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