Fahres, Michael - The Tubes

"I was transfixed by the haunting sounds and the poetic pacing of Fahres' music on this CD. Rather than the sound floating through the room, it was as if I was floating in the sound."-Morton Subotnick. With Jon Hassell! "This CD is made up of three compositions: Sevan, The Tubes, and Coimbra 4, Mundi Theatre. Sevan is built from a recording of Armenian musician Parik Nazarian's vocalizations in massive pipes near the shore of Lake Sevan, Armenia. It explores resonance, echoes, and voice properties. The Tubes weaves together the breath-like sounds of the Atlantic Ocean as it strikes tubular volcanic rock formations on the Island of El Hierro (the westermost of the Canary Islands) with the breathy tones of Jon Hassell's trumpet and Mark Atkin's didgeridoo, creating a starkly beautiful study of breath patterns and the sounds of air in tubes. Coimbra 4, Mundi Theatre is a bright, colorful soundscape of the Portuguese city Coimbra during a recent music festival/spectacle that involved most of the townspeople as participants."
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