Screaming Headless Torsos - Live!! In New York and Paris 2 x DVDs

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"We forge our personal connections with music based on any number of (sometimes random-seeming) factors, but often it's just a matter of time and place. I can still remember the afternoon I stumbled into the listening station at my local music retailer and walked out with a disc that first grabbed my eye because of its outrageous title and cover graphics. I took the original Screaming Headless Torsos home, played it loud, and entered into a deep trance-like state that I've rarely revisited since...For those who don't necessarily have time and place on their side, this brand new double-DVD set is the next best thing to seeing the Torsos in person. The first disc documents a red-hot 1996 Knitting Factory performance in New York City and the second a somewhat more uneven 2004 New Morning gig in Paris. Between the two, you can get a pretty good idea of where these boys have been and where they're going. The cramped stage (especially at the KF) doesn't always allow for perfect camera angles, but there's plenty of action to feast your eyes on. The sound, however, is uniformly crystalline, sharp, and well-resolved, packing megajoules of vital energy. Vocalist Dean Bowman, who's capable of velvety softness, often breaks loose into raps, growls, and snarlsand yes, a fair share of screaming, of coursebut never gratuitously. In that respect he's like guitarist David Fuze Fiuczynski, whose legendary virtuosity is the main reason to check this group out. When Fuze takes solos, he voyages deep into outer harmonic space, tossing glowing shards of sound into the air without turning back to see where they might fall. The simultaneous contrast between exacting precision and wild abandon is infectiously energizing. These are songs, at least by somebody's conventional definition, but they're so blistering hot I don't think anyone else will be touching them with a ten-foot pitchfork. Such is the way of time and place, and if you want to tap into the primal source, I can't think of too many better times or places to start."-Nils Jacobson/All About Jazz
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