Davis, Miles - Miles In The Sky (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"The cover image alone for this 1968 release speaks loudly and clearly of something different: it looks like some weird rock record. And while it's not exactly that, Miles in the Sky hints loudly at something new, an upstart sound that would upset jazz purists far more than if he'd just made a rock record. For better or worse, the fusion revolution's baby steps can be heard right here. Time-stretcher Tony Williams's drumming encroaches upon "square" rock rhythms on the opener, a deliriously minimalist 17-minute soul-funk-tango head trip titled "Stuff." There are premonitions of the full-blown electric era of Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson: Herbie Hancock plays electric piano on a few cuts, while George Benson's electric guitar augments Wayne Shorter's "Paraphernalia." This is easily among the finest of the second quintet's six discs: Tony Williams's drumming is fantastically in, out, and on top of the groove; Wayne Shorter blows post-bop nuggets; Ron Carter cuts thick, melodic grooves; Herbie Hancock lays down tone colors; and Davis subtly pushes the envelope of the music."-Mike McGonigal
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