Van der Graaf Generator - H to HE Who Am The Only One CD (expanded / remastered)

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For me, this is where it really begins to fall into place. The evil sounds start; so much so that bassist Nic Potter leaves in the middle of making the album due to the bad vibes he was getting. Not a problem, as Hugh Banton picks up the slack! This leaves the band in their classic quartet formation (Peter Hammill-vocals, acoustic guitar, electric piano, Hugh Banton-keyboards, bass, David Jackson-flute, saxes, electronic devices and Guy Evans-drums). Robert Fripp guests on guitar.
For this reissue, noted reissue supervisor Mark Powell has enlisted Peter Hammill's help and they have dug deep into the vaults to come up with bonus tracks (Squid/Octopus and an alternate version of The Emperor In His War Room). Fantastic packaging and archival photos, etc.
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