Lindgren, Erik - Yin Yang A-Go-Go 1972-1976 : 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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It has been my great pleasure to have known and to have been friends with keyboardist, composer and general musical mover & shaker Erik Lindgren for nearly 30 years.
He is a great person and also a really fascinating musician who combines great love for some very disparate musical genres into a unique end result. This is a great and fascinating listen; I doubt that most will love everything, but there is plenty here for basically ANYONE. Which is what makes this release (and Erik) so great!

“Erik Lindgren is a model of musical schizophrenia the type who ll play Stravinsky and Louie Louie back-to-back, with one foot in the conservatory and the other in the garage.”-The Boston Globe

“Erik Lindgren scores consummate musicianship from the spatially abstract to a defining American vernacular. Erik Lindgren IS American music”-Van Dyke Parks

“Boston-based Erik Lindgren is best-known for his crossover chamber/new music instrumental quartet Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, owner of the Arf Arf label specializing in quality reissues of »60s Garage/Psychedelic rock and Outsider music, plus the force behind his avant-garde studio moniker Space Negros.
Yin Yang A-Go-Go [1972»2005] presents a glimpse into his diverse (if not certifiably psychotic) career as a prolific composer and producer. Here, Lindgren has hand-picked 50 genre-smashing personal highlights culled from his work with Birdsongs, jingles, Musique Concrete, New/No Wave, contemporary Classical compositions, corporate video soundtracks, Garage/Psychedelic/Punk/Power Pop, Space Negros, Techno and more. Be prepared for a whirlwind audio ride of eclecticism-to-the-max that is not for the faint of heart!
This budget-priced 2-CD sampler is an excellent way to get familiar with Lindgren»s unique musical vision spanning 360 Degrees of extreme musical aesthetics. YYAGG comes with an informative 16-page booklet packed with photos, liner notes, and references his three-dozen solo, ensemble, and commerce-driven CD releases.”
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