Holdsworth, Allan - None Too Soon (remastered)

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ALLAN HOLDSWORTH: guitars, synthaxe
GORDON BECK: keyboards

"Allan's ninth album is a collection of interpretations of jazz standards by John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Django Reinhardt, and Joe Henderson, along with an Irving Berlin tune, two compositions by the late Gordon Beck (the album's pianist, and Allan's close personal friend of many years), and an intriguing arrangement of The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood". Holdsworth fans are in for a special treat, as the musical settings provide an intriguing backdrop for some of his more adventurous soloing to date. The project's underlying agenda is revealed in his quote from the reissue liner notes: "... after I’d completed Hard Hat Area, Gordon was visiting again and he said, ‘Maybe you should do a record of tunes that people might be able to relate to.’ He had the impression that my music mostly sailed past people, and he thought that maybe if I played something recognizable, they might be able to appreciate what was going on.” Voted "Album of the Year" in 1997 by Audiophile Imports, None Too Soon is a modern jazz classic and remains unique among Allan Holdsworth’s many recordings. It also has the noted distinction of being the only Holdsworth album to date to feature the renowned Tribal Tech battery of bassist Gary Willis and drummer Kirk Covington."
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