Zorn, John - Les Maudits

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Ikue Mori: Electronics
Ches Smith: Drums, Vibes, Glockenspiel, Haitian Tango, Percussion, Vocals
John Zorn: Sax, Organ, Piano, Percussion, Vocals
David Byrd-Marrow: Horn
Kivie Cahn-Lipman: Cello
Erik Carlson: Violin
Claire Chase: Flute
Miranda Cuckson: Viola
Nathan Davis: Percussion
Simon Hanes: Guitars, Bass, Piano, Accordion, Cello, Percussion, Toilet, Jew's Harp, Whistling, Vocals
Rebekah Heller: Bassoon
Dan Lippel: Guitar
Michael Lormand: Trombone
Andrew Madej: Tuba
Joshua Rubin: Clarinet
Cory Smythe: Harpsichord
Alice Teyssier: Flute

“Les Maudits presents three dynamic chamber pieces inspired by heroic "cursed" artists of French culture. Demolishing all boundaries and pushing the artistic envelope beyond all expectations Ubu is a triumphant return to the file-card studio technique that produced such masterpieces as Spillane, Elegy, Kristallnacht and Femina. A bizarre musical portrait of the subversive writer Alfred Jarry, Ubu is one of Zorn's greatest and most outrageous creations.
Also included are two pieces performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble--one inspired by radical French poet Charles Baudelaire, and Oviri, a touching elegy to artist Paul Gauguin.”
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