Holub, Mark - Anthropods CD

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Mark Holub – drums
Clemens Sainitzer – cello
Irene Kepl – violin
Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet
Jakob Gnigler – tenor sax

“Anthropods is the new band from American drummer and composer, Mark Holub. Holub, known mainly as bandleader of the acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated Led Bib has with ‘Anthropods’ created his first project as a leader since starting Led Bib in 2003. While some of Holub’s trademark Led Bib style is evident here, the album is full of contrasts, from pastoral beauty to dense free improvisation to heavy grooves, showcasing sides of Holub’s work well beyond his work with Led Bib.
Holub has been based in Vienna, Austria since 2012. The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic stopped all touring, all life, but gave Holub an unexpected opportunity- time to finally start his own project in Vienna, as bandleader, something he had been planning for years, but never found the time to do. For Holub, this band wasn’t about creating a new Austrian Led Bib, but was a total reassessment of what he wanted to produce as a composer and bandleader. With Led Bib always being very much a collaborative project, this was the chance for Holub to start afresh, and think about what he would want to make with completely new musicians, and a fresh palette.
Holub elaborates, “I wanted to create something where the musicians felt free to try and determine what the band might sound like. I didn’t want to be too prescriptive about where the band might go sonically. My first thought was to try and find instruments that perhaps by already being a slightly unusual grouping would make us not only sound different, but make us immediately think about where such a collection of instruments and musicians might be able to go sonically. It has been an amazing journey for myself as leader and composer, and I look forward to hearing how this band will further develop over the course of the touring.”
With this first release of this new five-piece ensemble, we get a glimpse into what these musicians have to offer the world and each other.”
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