Hopper / Kramer - Huge (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The second of two albums made by Kramer (who was still riding high with his Shimmy-Disc label as well as with his release by Bongwater), Hugh Hopper and Damon Krukowski (of Galaxie 500 and Damon and Naomi) on drums. 1997-style modern, whacked-out psychedelia. It's all instrumental, as long as you don't count all the found sounds/tape cut-ups as vocals, and all of Hugh's fans will immediately be able to hear that it is him.

“Recorded as a guitar-less trio (Hugh Hopper on bass, Kramer on piano, organ, and tape loops, plus Damon Krukowski on drums), Huge is marginally less chaotic than Hopper and Kramer's previous collaboration, 1994's A Remark Hugh Made. Each of the songs is a relatively concise (only two tracks break the five-minute mark) and melodic improvisation on a basic theme, which generally is introduced, soloed upon, and quickly resolved, with Kramer's found voices and sound effects providing the album's only truly random element. In fact, the album is so profoundly "normal" sounding that fans of the participants' more extreme musical endeavors might be slightly disappointed. On its own merits, however, Huge is a pleasant, sometimes enchanting, dip in the shallow end of the collective improvisation pool. Fans of the early Soft Machine's more lyrical moments might find this music familiar.”-AllMusic
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