Hughscore - Delta Flora

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“Hopper wrote the bulk of the material, and these are some of the most gorgeous songs he’s penned in 25 years.” – muze

“This is great Hopper writing, fantastic psychedelic music with a hint of experimentation. Delta Flora is one of the most beautiful records to have come out in 1999...” – Francois Couture/CFLX

“The beauty here is about substance & strong compositional development....natural & effortless. Highly recommended.” – All About Jazz

This is the 3rd release by the hugely influential UK bassist & composer Hugh Hopper , along with Seattle musicians Fred Chalenor -bass & guitar, Elaine diFalco - Rhodes, organ, Wurlitzer, synth, accordion & voice and Tucker Martine -drums, plus guests.
In addition to the great playing that you would expect, the biggest pleasure about this release is the really rich pieces composed by Hugh & beautifully sung by Elaine. Hugh hasn't worked with songs so successfully (or a singer this good) since Soft Machine Volume Two! And yes, there are lots of fabulous instrumental passages too. For me, this is one of the very best things that Hugh has done post Softs!
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Fantastic! Very unique vibe, still ahead of its time. After SM 3, this is probably my 2nd favorite HH release. And that's saying something, given that I love the other SM albums he plays on, Isotope, the Monster Band stuff, etc.
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