Hunt, Max - Music From The Void CD

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“Multi-instrumentalist, producer Max Hunt of Tantalus, Fragile, Mabel Greer ́s Toyshop and Siggi Schwarz has released a concept album based on J.R.R. Tolkien ́s musical creation myth Ainulindalë (or Music of the Ainur). This story was first published in 1977 as the first chapter of the Silmarillion.
The album starts with Tale of Creation, a long-form progressive masterwork in two parts that tells the whole story of the Music Of The Ainür. The first part of this song follows in the footsteps of J.S. Bach, Richard Strauss, Count Basie and Yes in using the entire circle of 5ths covering all twelve notes of the musical scale in a logical and harmonic order, used as a musical compositional technique for centuries.
This song is followed by an actual musical interpretation of the Ainulindalë which takes form as Ghenésis (The Prelude), the three Themes of Eru and a final celebratory track called Behold The Vision. These compositions include lyrics sung by massed choirs singing words created by Max intended to represent the language of the Ainür before they descended to Arda and became physical beings. These tracks use massive symphonic-like arrangements utilizing sounds that represent a fantasy spiritual domain before the creation of the Universe. This album has been a collaboration; Max Hunt, Clive Bayley (Mabel Greer ́s Toyshop) and Colin Masson (The Morrigan) have all contributed writing to the project and the album includes guest performances from Colin Masson (guitar & bass), Clive Bayley (backing vocals), Cathy Alexander (lead vocals) and Gerlinde Hunt (backing vocals). Max plays keyboards, percussion/drums, lapharp and samples and sings lead and backing vocals.”
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