Samurai of Prog featuring Oliviero Lacagnina - The Man In The Iron Mask CD

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“'The Man in the Iron Mask' is the exciting and ambitious new album from The Samurai of Prog. It is a concept album composed by Oliviero Lacagnina (of "Latte e Miele"), written in the "symphonic progressive rock" style - the musical genre he has been exploring and expanding since the 1970s.
This CD will certainly satisfy lovers of classical and symphonic progressive rock; new music weaving in quotations and callbacks to great composers of the past, interpreted by keyboards and powerful electric guitars along with Steve Unruh's violin, Kimmo Pörsti's drums and Marco Bernard's Shuker bass.
The album's theme is the life of, and events surrounding, the "Secret Twin of the Sun King". It visits key moments from the story (inspired by the texts of Alexandre Dumas and Voltaire). Lyrics were penned by Aldo Cirri, Sonia Vatteroni and Steve Unruh. The expansive artwork was created by Ed Unitsky.
A musical work of dramatic impact and audiophile sound quality, which alternates moments of high energy with melancholic and poignant melodies, we proudly present 'The Man in the Iron Mask'.”
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