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“reverie – A Prog Symphony in Seven Movements, is the 8th ESP Project album since 2016. Written and performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Tony Lowe and just under 60 minutes; the music captures mysterious atmospheres where orchestral waves sweep across changing moods and tempos accompanied by Tony’s scintillating and melodic guitar lines, taking the listener into sublime landscapes and scenarios. From stirring symphonic themes, to prog rock and fusion, reverie invokes an overall feeling of hope for the future."
“Getting my first listen to “reverie“, the forthcoming album from ESP due for release from Sunn Creative on 19th May. Beautifully nuanced and alive with exquisite textures, Tony Lowe creates a striking and absorbing set of symphonic landscapes across seven tracks or movements. It’s a riveting journey which never fails to engross and absorb with abundant richness and engaging atmospheres. The stunning artwork yet is also courtesy of Tony and completes a package which brings a definite sense of peace and hope. Magnificent.” – Rob Fisher – The Progressive Aspect“.
"REVERIE is the latest album from ESP Project. I couldn’t wait for the CD to arrive so I listened to the download, and was not disappointed. Tony Lowe is the sole musician here though the wide palette he’s employed gives the impression of a full, tightly-knit ensemble. It’s really uplifting stuff and somehow it feels like a step forward, as though Lowe has embraced the possibilities of a huge, blank canvas. As always, his playing is exquisite and his production is superb. Unfortunately I’m unable to appreciate the care that goes into the physical package until the CD lands on my doormat.” ¬– Gareth’s Prog Blog.
“Glorious new music from the genius of Tony Lowe. A seven-song mini symphony that delights the senses and moves the soul. Exquisite sounds that expand and explore every movement and note creating a cornucopia of wonderful sensations and feeling! The music flows with energy, vitality, and distinction, creating a colorful, cosmic atmosphere, full of anticipation and wonder. There is an emotional release almost like a prayer being offered in the hopes of a better future. A positive uplifting album, this is original music of healing, love, and comfort for a wounded and hurting world. Sensual and strong, touching and forging, ‘reverie’ is a masterpiece of progressive music.” – Rick Peuser
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