I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral - I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral

“I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral is the ambitious new project from Amaury Cambuzat --guitarist with the legendary Faust and founder of French avant-garde experimentalists Ulan Bator. Just two pieces spread over 50-odd minutes, this CD reaches levels of drone-like intensity barely heard since the days of Theatre of Eternal Music.
Beautiful collage art by Cambuzat. Packaged in a gloss laminated digipack; Edition of 500. Essential.”

"You need to tell the world how you feel and all you think is -- The electric guitar stands as analogue to the cathedral: a blown-out shell echoing with imposing history, lineage, collapse and eternal potential. Amaury has conjured a haunted space inviting us to roam firm structures torn to chaotic edges; glimpsed hardness grown over organic and lush. The sounds whisked up around us, from the most minimal to the most densely symphonic, remind us we stand in a place dedicated to the profound. Between the instrument and the image stands the man himself. Amaury's approach throughout I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral speaks to his memories and lived experience -- graduation from the classical conservatory in western Paris, his discovery of the guitar at age fourteen, his lifelong quest to infuse this instrument with fresh life. I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral is a testament to the past, to desecrated presents, and to the sacred horizon that is the future -- The unchanging future which is always hope of change."-Nick Soulsby
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