I Know You Well Miss Clara - Chapter One

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"Referencing a vast diversity of modern music's most visionary pioneers – ranging from Soft Machine, Focus and Matching Mole, to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman (just to name a few) – this Jogjakarta, Indonesia band's music captures the energy and essence which characterized some of progressive jazz' and fusion's greatest and most defining artists, producing moments of sheer creative genius and uncompromising quality.

Chapter One is a profound, monumental release: an album boldly (and easily) surpassing most of the genre's recent efforts in terms of ambition and accomplishment. It's songs are full of intrigue, expressed in a vibrant, urgent manner that -- while paying homage to a host of stellar, profound influences -- never sacrifices sensitivity and reverence of the moment for the sake of showing off chops. (... and these cats have got some chops!) IKYWMC's music goes places where few have been fearless- or capable-enough to venture. Their influences are unmistakeable, yet the end result is completely and uniquely their own.

I Know You Well Miss Clara is fronted by the adventurous, imaginative stylings of guitarist Reza Ryan and the poetic, masterful artistry of the young keyboard prodigy, Adi Wijaya. Ryan's fretwork is as unpretentious as it is explosive and unpredictable; he plays with the passion and conviction of an early John McLaughlin or Phil Miller, but never flaunts his considerable capacity. Wijaya is every bit his equal on keyboards, demonstrating all of the poise, technique and vocabulary of a young Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul or Richie Beirach.

Their rhythm section – bassist Enriko Gultom and drummer Alfiah Akbar – keep proceedings on solid footing, while augmenting and decorating in equally-impressive fashion. This is a band with some serious skills, but also a decidedly adventurous, risk-taking persona.

With all four members still being relatively young and having less than three years of playing together under their belts, their music belies its circumstance –- with uncanny depths of corporate dynamics, sonic telepathy and advanced harmonic sensibilities, all clearly in evidence. This is progessive music of the absolute highest echelon, at its most far-reaching, sensitive and creative.

Notice is served: the next chapter in the unfolding evolution of progressive jazz fusion has been written with Chapter One! Dark and foreboding; mysterious, suspenseful and surprising: their creations are a breath of fresh air for a genre clamoring desperately for such sincerity and authenticity.

So it is with great pride and privilege that MJR presents the music of I Know You Well Miss Clara. This "immediately essential" initial offering will remind listeners of why they first fell in love with progressive music ... it just doesn't get any better or any more real than this. Like an exotic delicacy or a vintage wine, this is music to be savored: an unpretentious exploration into the very nature of music and musical expression. For connoisseurs and afficiandos, this a feast for your ears ... this landmark debut is not to be missed!"
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