Iconoclast - City of Temptation

These are two mighty dextrous musicians. Like beatniks on speed, they create stark, jagged-edged music, tunes located at the intersection of atonal punk-funk, be-bop, and free improvisation. . . . Kind of like drinking 12 cups of coffee, but nice.-Ear Magazine / "The duo end up with an approach that is reminiscent of Meditations-era Coltrane sliced into itty-bitty slivers and chased around the room by munchkins wielding tiny rubber mallets. The results would not be out of place on certain segments of Frank Zappa's 'Uncle Meat' LP. I think the key to understanding all of this is summed up in the selection titled 'Take off your shirt and scream' . . . [W]ould that there were more topless blowers and levellers like Iconoclast to grace the world with."-Spotlight Magazine [Fang]
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