Inside Out in the Open - An Expressionist Journey into the Music Known as Free Jazz DVD

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This is a one hour documentary, produced and directed by Alan Roth.
Featured performers include: Denis Charles, Glenn Spearman, Wilber Morris, Joseph Jarman, Peter Brötzmann, John Tchicai, Sun Ra and his Arkestra, In Order To Survive (William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Rob Brown, Susie Ibarra) Other Dimensions In Music (Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Rashid Bakr, William Parker, with Matt Shipp) Baikida Carroll, Reggie Workman and more.
Featured interviews with: Marion Brown, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Alan Silva, Burton Greene, Joseph Jarman, Baikida Carroll, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, Susie Ibarra.
This is a two sided disc - one side is NTSC and the other is PAL. You can play this thing anywhere in the world!

"Inside Out In The Open is an hour-long documentary about a form of jazz, popularly known as 'free jazz.' The film is an exploration of that music through the voices and performances of over twenty such musicians, from those who were its first generation to younger musicians joining the tradition. Unlike more encyclopedic documentaries, Inside Out In The Open unfolds in a more organic and musical form, revealing multiple aspects of this music and its makers. The editing structure is reflective and complimentary to the music. Free-form jazz, also known as the 'the new thing,' or 'avant-garde jazz,' burst on the scene in the early '60s, led by Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor. It vastly extended the boundaries in rhythm, sound, and harmonics, stressing collective improvisation, with an expansive openness and with deep personal emotion. The release of Inside Out In The Open comes on the heels of the major 10-part Jazz series by Ken Burns, which was criticized for giving little attention to jazz after 1960, and for being critical of the genre of free jazz. With only a small amount of media work available on this development in jazz, Inside Out In The Open is a welcome contribution, giving overdue respect to these musical artists."
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