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JackOut - Saturnalia

"The album 'Saturnalia' by JackOut is the product of three London-based musicians, Gary Curson, Justin Paterson and Margo Sagov, who began to experiment with combining programmed beats and backing tracks with live and real-time playing in a home studio in the mid 1990's with available technology. Although the compositions were not necessarily derived from traditional instantaneous collective live performances, they were motivated by an attitude of improvisation in the idiom of modern jazz, by inventing and extending the sonic palette."

"Let's just say that this time, Slam Productions – the label ran by UK saxman George Haslam – has managed to surprise me. Saturnalia is not an avant-jazz or free-jazz album. Not at all in fact. JackOut is a sax/keys/drums trio, but there's more: drummer Justin Paterson also does a lot of programming and sampling. And keyboardist-guitarist Margo Sagov actually does more programming than playing. And ex-Dreamtime Gary Curson's saxes inhabit breath soul into these groovy tracks of world music-infused fusion with lots of ethnic percussion samples – his warm melodies are the stars of the record. Saturnalia actually comes close to a trip-hoppy form of space rock - think Astralasia, or the "world" side of Ozric Tentacles, with a strong jazz element. Surprising, quite enjoyable, and accessible too."-François Couture
Gary Curson: alto and soprano saxes; dee-dar
Justin Paterson: drums & percussion; programming; sampling, keyboards
Margo Sagov: programming; sampling; electric and bass guitars; keyboards
With guests
Roberto Bellatalla: double bass on tracks 1, 3 and 8
John Murray: electric bass on tracks 2 and 4
Mo Nazam: guitar sample on track 8
  • LabelSLAM
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