Jadis - Medium Rare II

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Gary Chandler / guitars, lead & backing vocals, keyboards, arrangements, production & mixing
Martin Orford / keyboard solos, piano, flute, hurdy gurdy, backing vocals
Andy Marlow / bass guitar
Steve Christey / drums, percussion

1. There's a Light (Recorded Live in 2018)
2. Truth from the Lies (Unreleased Track)
3. No sacrifice (Edited and Remixed)
4. What Kind of Reason (Edited and Remixed)
5. Standing Still (Remixed)
6. Photoplay (Revamped, Reworked and Extended)
7. Daylight Fades (Live)
8. Hear us (End Section, Live)
9. Animated (Unreleased Instrumental Track)
10. Your Own Special Way (Genesis Live Cover)
11. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Live Cover Remastered)

“Medium Rare II is compilation from 2019 containing new material, live recordings, remixes and covers - including the Progressive classics Your Own Special Way and Comfortably Numb - which showcases Jadis at its most relaxed and eclectic.”
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